Henriika Steidel is a singer whose roots are in both Finland and Germany. She was born in Lohja, Finland, in 1991. As a performer she is very emotional and her goal is to make a deep connection with the audience by telling colorful stories with her voice. Jazz is the love of her musical life and she has performed with many smaller ensembles and big bands but has also played parts in musicals and performed with symphony orchestras.

She started her musical journey at the age of five by attending piano lessons. Soon after that she was introduced to the trombone and spent many years digging into the secrets of this beautiful instrument. While exploring classical music with the trombone she started singing more and had her first vocal lessons with Ira Kaspi at the age of 15.

After graduating from Sibelius High School (2010) she studied classical trombone at the Helsinki Conservatory of Music with Mikko Sinivalo as her teacher. After graduating from the conservatory she studied at the Jyväskylä College of Music with pop/jazz vocals as her main instrument.

At the moment she is studying at the JAMK University of Applied Sciences with pop/jazz vocals as her main instrument.  Last year she studied as an exchange student at the Prins Claus Conservatory jazz department’s ”New York comes to Groningen program” with teachers like Joe Magnarelli, Michael Mossman, JD Walter, Deborah Brown, Jonathan Kreisberg, Don Braden and many more. The year in Groningen inspired her to compose again and she is now focusing on working on her own music and personal sound.